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If you have small breasts, the benefits of small breasts


You don’t need to think about how to support your chest while running so that it does not break your face.

By the way, you really don’t jump anything in sports bras.

Fashion for bralettes is created for you.

The chances that with a set of a couple of kilograms you will grow breasts are few, so it is unlikely that you will have to buy a new bra without demolishing the old one.

In fact, you still sometimes put on a bodice that you wore at age 12 like a festive one.

You didn’t have to endure terrible trips for a bra with your mom as a teenager, when you try on everything, and she drives everything, and you think, damn it, it’s not so with you.

Not a single bra turned your boobs into stupid muffins crawling out of a tight mold.

You can sleep on your stomach!

A blow to the chest is painful, but it is, as it were, a much smaller volume of flesh filled with pain.

The issue of breast support is so third-rate that you can wear weightless underwear that you don’t even feel. Just for beauty or to not sweat on a dress. Except when you want to build seductive knolls in your neckline, of course.

Which, by the way, means that you can don’t put on a bodice at all, and few will notice it at all.

In the bosom, most often there is more space in order to poke something. Especially relevant in light of the trouble with the pockets of women's clothing.

Buttons on your shirt do not come off that you took a deep breath. Or from being pulled.

The problem with choosing the top for a swimsuit is not a problem at all, because in extreme cases, you can coquettishly tie a dense ribbon of the desired color. Design solution!

Even the most playful swimsuit perfectly covers the areas of your nipples, no embarrassment.

The sale in the children's department is a cool reason to buy a cool top with Lilo and Stitch.

You still haven't thrown out some of your favorite T-shirts that you wore in schools and you look great at them.

Not a single rugby ball left the field to the delight of the fans, no matter how actively you move in an open, very open T-shirt.

Shirts sales in the men's department! Oh yeah! Give the style of "Garcon"!

Your breast bones are neatly covered with skin, and not brutally covered with it. Even if you are in an evening dress without sconces.

You know who they are wearing T-shirts and tops in which bra straps would be visible ... If they had to be worn.

You can wear ordinary sports micro-tops instead of bras, and they don’t squash anything there.

Sconces with foam do not turn your chest into a ramming tool and, by the way, you do not need at all in order to feel the support of the chest. For aesthetic purposes only. When you want, you are an elf, when you need it - a seductive dryad.

By the way, you look younger for a long time and sometimes went somewhere on a ticket for schoolchildren.

In the company of other girls with small breasts, you feel a little ... conspiratorially. In general, you are ready to understand each other.

There is little secret where you can find a good selection of beautiful bras. Yes everywhere.

Believe me, you really don’t know what “under the boobs is sweating”.

And even more so, it’s “ripened”!

By the way, bones. Do you understand why put up with bones in underwear if you can't stand them? Is it speculative, right?

And even more so, not one of them crashed into your very pulp, suddenly uncovered.

You are something like Keira Knightley. You know what.

1. Avoid back pain.

Large breasts are one of the causes of upper back pain. It is difficult to work with large breasts, exercise can cause pain. With small breasts, you can avoid that pain. Just like breast augmentation, breast augmentation is not cheap. While women with large breasts sometimes have to decide on breast reduction to relieve back pain, you should not choose between two options. All you have to do is be proud of your small breasts.

2. Look feminine and natural.

Just like with parents, we don’t choose what size breast we want to have. If you have been given a small breast, accept this fact and do not consider it as one of your shortcomings. Big breasts look natural too, but no offense, girls, they do not look feminine. Many guys think that small breasts are more natural and more sexual. +

3. It’s easier to get clothes.

I am sure that most women with large breasts will agree with me. It is much easier to find and buy clothes when you are small breasts. When it comes to shopping, size matters. Most garments are not designed for women with large breasts, so rejoice that you have small breasts.

4. Sleep better.

My friend, who has beautiful, but too large breasts, often wakes up often at night due to terrible pain. The fact is that she likes to lie on her stomach, but her large breasts make her dream a real torture. If you have small breasts, then you sleep better at night. Small breasts are also ideal for massage.

5. Keep proportion.

Fat women, as a rule, have magnificent breasts, while thin girls have small breasts. It is all about proportion. Do not destroy it just because you do not like your breast size. The last thing you will feel after breast enlargement is that you look like an artificial doll. Just imagine a slender girl with big breasts and you will understand what I'm talking about.

6. Save money on bras.

Women with large breasts have three main problems when buying their bra: size, price and terrible style. Larger bras are slightly more expensive than smaller ones. Plus, they don't look chic or sexy. Girls with small breasts can wear bras of different styles without wrecking their wallets.

7. Avoid sagging.

Sagging breasts can occur in any woman at some point. However, large breasts sag easier and faster than small breasts. While your friends with large breasts will begin to fight sagging breasts at the age of about 30 years, then you will not encounter this problem until 50 years old. This benefit should make you forget about breast implants. In addition, implants have a large number of disadvantages. Life is complicated, so don't make it more complicated.

You do not need breast implants to look beautiful. Breast augmentation may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately it has many disadvantages and consequences. If your boyfriend doesn’t like your breasts, then he doesn’t love you. Love yourself and enjoy what you have, including your small breasts. Believe it or not, most women with large breasts admit that they would like to have small breasts.