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Causes and elimination of swelling of the hands during pregnancy


Pregnancy is accompanied not only by pleasant moments, but also by often very uncomfortable phenomena. One of them is swelling of the fingers. They can appear after physical exertion or accompany a woman throughout the day. The severity of the phenomenon may be different. Minor edema, as a rule, does not affect the quality of life of a pregnant woman and does not cause concern. However, in some cases, an unpleasant phenomenon can adversely affect the condition of the future mother. That is why many women care about why their fingers swell during pregnancy, and how to fix the problem.

How to determine

Not notice swelling of the hands is very difficult. Just look at the ring on one of the fingers. If the decoration is not removed, and the skin around it rises, it means that the woman has swelling. Checking for those will help another simple way. It is enough to put on an elastic band on a hand. If the skin is pressed and not smoothed for a long time, swelling of the extremities takes place.

In some cases, an unpleasant phenomenon may be accompanied by tingling, as well as a feeling of numbness. Symptoms most often occur while sitting or staying upright for a long time. If a woman has taken an uncomfortable posture, or her arms have been elevated for a long time, the above symptoms may also occur. The feeling of numbness is due to the accumulation of water in the tissues.

There may be many reasons why fingers swell during pregnancy in the morning and at other times of the day. It is worth noting the most common.

1. Failure of the endocrine system. Active production of progesterone helps to slow down the process of removing fluid from a woman's body.

2. An increase in the volume of circulating blood impedes the functioning of the kidneys. That is why excess fluid is excreted much worse and accumulates in the body.

3. If the fingers swell at the 37th week of pregnancy, you should not sound the alarm. Thus, the woman’s body prepares for the upcoming birth, plans to compensate for the abundant blood loss, which is implied during the period of natural delivery or cesarean section. Some women report that their fingers swell from the 34th week of pregnancy.

The above reasons are physiological and are explained by the features of the course of pregnancy.

Pathological swelling of the fingers during pregnancy

The causes of the unpleasant phenomenon can not always be physiological. In some cases, edema signals the occurrence of pathological processes in the body of the future mother:

  1. Gestosis is an unpleasant phenomenon that can accompany a pregnant woman throughout the entire period of expectation of a child. It manifests itself not only with swelling of the fingers, but also with a number of other symptoms, such as weakness, nausea, dizziness. Late gestosis is very dangerous for both the expectant mother and the baby.
  2. Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. Swelling of the extremities may indicate renal failure. This phenomenon is accompanied by accumulation of fluid in the hands, face and neck, lower extremities.
  3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system - a pathological reason explaining the occurrence of swelling of the fingers.
  4. A protein deficiency in the body of a pregnant woman can also cause swelling not only in the upper limbs, but also in other parts of the body.

In any case, the representative of the fair sex expecting a child should contact a medical institution for qualified assistance, regardless of the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon.

How to fight

What to do if fingers are swollen during pregnancy? This issue is of interest to many women in position. Timely measures taken can prevent the occurrence of serious consequences. That is why women in position need to know what to do with swelling of the hands during pregnancy.

With the appearance of swelling in the upper extremities, it is necessary to consult not only a gynecologist, but also a local therapist. The situation should be monitored by qualified professionals. Not only traditional methods, but also folk remedies will help get rid of edema, the high effectiveness of which has been proven by time.

Traditional methods

If swelling of the fingers during pregnancy is due to physiological reasons, medication is not needed. It is enough to follow the simple recommendations of doctors.

First of all, it is worth abandoning intense physical exertion. Every few hours it is necessary to massage the fingers and hands, to carry out simple physical exercises. At least two liters of liquid should be drunk per day. Preference should be given to water without gas and chemical sweeteners. During pregnancy, it is better to abandon soft drinks and juices purchased in the store.

The nutrition of the future mother should be full and balanced. It is strongly not recommended to consume a large amount of sweet, flour products. It is worth refusing to eat sausages, sausages and other harmful delicacies, the composition of which is by no means safe for the human body.

Doctors strongly recommend consuming multivitamin complexes during the period of gestation. If the swelling of the fingers is due to any pathological processes, the use of special medications should be added to the above actions.

The use of folk remedies in the fight against swelling of the fingers during pregnancy

In the fight against an unpleasant phenomenon, folk methods will also help, the effectiveness of which has been tested by more than one generation of women:

  1. An infusion of lingonberry leaves can not only prevent the occurrence of edema, but also significantly strengthen the future mother’s immune system. To prepare it, it is enough to pour boiling water on one tablespoon of crushed leaves of the plant.
  2. If your fingers swell during pregnancy, a fresh cranberry juice with honey will help.
  3. Flaxseed decoction is an effective way to combat swelling in the area of ​​the hands. To prepare a drink, you need to pour a teaspoon of plant material with one glass of boiling water.
  4. Pumpkin juice. The drink stimulates the kidneys. As a result, excess fluid from the body of a pregnant woman is excreted much faster.

Do not start taking a folk remedy without consulting a doctor.

Physical activity in edema

Exercise during pregnancy should be moderate. In the presence of swelling of the fingers from any active actions, it is best to refuse. Expectant mother needs to relax more and spend time in activities that do not require special energy costs.

It is also better to refuse sports training. However, if a woman wants to maintain her body in order, preference should be given to swimming or yoga. It is worth giving up classes that require the active work of the upper limbs. “Communication” with a laptop or computer is also better to limit and reduce to a minimum.

Doctors advice

What to do if fingers swell during pregnancy? The opinions of doctors are similar to this question. The vast majority of specialists strongly recommends that the expectant mother minimize physical activity. In the presence of edema, doctors advise to abandon housework and computer classes, which require active work of the arms and upper limbs in general. Experts recommend that a woman spend more time outdoors. The intake of multivitamin complexes, in their opinion, will also not be superfluous.

Doctors advise expectant mothers to immediately go to the hospital if even minor edema appears. Timely measures taken can prevent the occurrence of serious consequences. It is strictly forbidden to reduce the amount of fluid consumed when edema appears. This measure can only aggravate the situation. At least two liters of water should be drunk per day. Doctors advise to devote less time to any problems during pregnancy, and switch to their health and the well-being of the unborn baby.


Many women notice that their fingers swollen during pregnancy. The resulting swelling makes expectant mothers pretty nervous. Indeed, not every representative of the fair sex, who is in position, is able to answer the question of why the fingers swell during pregnancy.

The causes of an unpleasant phenomenon can have a physiological and pathological character. In the first case, it’s not worth the alarm. It is enough to follow the doctor’s simple recommendations. If the appearance of edema is associated with pathological conditions of the body of the expectant mother, you may need to take medications. Such an unpleasant phenomenon as gestosis, accompanied by severe edema, can cause significant harm not only to a woman, but also to the health of an unborn baby. In any case, it is not necessary to ignore the phenomenon in which the fingers swell during pregnancy. What to do and what measures should be taken, the doctor will tell.

Symptoms of hand swelling

You simply cannot fail to notice swelling of the hands.

  1. Just look at the ringlet. As a rule, with puffiness, the skin around the jewelry rises, and the ring itself is difficult to remove, although in the morning you easily wore it,
  2. Another option to check if you have swelling is to put on a tight elastic band on your arm. If the skin is pressed and does not even out for a long time - there is swelling.

Swelling of the hands during pregnancy can be accompanied by tingling and a feeling of numbness. Painful sensations occur, most often, after taking an uncomfortable posture or staying behind the keyboard for a long time, especially if the hands are in limbo all the time.

The accumulated water in the tissues squeezes the nerve passing in the hands, because of this, and a feeling of numbness.

Physiological puffiness

Remember, did you notice swelling of the hands in the first weeks of pregnancy? If, yes, then it's time to figure out what are the causes of this phenomenon.

  • From the moment of conception, your body rebuilds in a new way, fluid accumulates, including under the influence of pregnancy hormones, which is useful both for filling the placenta and for enhanced work of the circulatory system,

Know! You can notice this internal accumulation of water through the external edema of the arms and legs. Unlike pathological puffiness, physiological does not cause any particular inconvenience or pain, it passes quickly enough after a short rest, change of posture or swimming.

  • The accumulation of fluid in the body begins at the stage of preparation for childbirth. Thus, your body plans to compensate for natural blood loss during the birth process and for 38 weeks of pregnancy, swelling of the hands does not require additional treatment.

In order for the birth to go well, you avoided breaks and medical interventions, get ready for them on the course “Easy delivery” >>>

You can observe swelling of the hands and the field for a long time near the computer, especially if you typed.

  1. Your hands are in a bent position, on weight, a nerve clamp occurs, the blood flows poorly, you may feel a slight numbness of the fingers, then swelling of the tissues,
  2. This can be avoided if you choose a comfortable position, when the elbows are on the surface, you can put a pillow under your hands, every 10 minutes to give the limbs rest, crushing them a little or flexing.

Tight clothing made of artificial materials that prevent the skin from breathing can also cause swelling of the extremities. Pregnancy requires special attention to the wardrobe and, in this case, practicality comes first.

The situation when hands swell in the morning during pregnancy can also occur with improper nutrition.

If you abuse salty and smoked, then the liquid that you drink in large quantities after such a meal will result in swelling of your limbs.

On this issue, read a useful article: What should not be eaten during pregnancy? >>>.

Swelling of the hands as a result of chronic diseases

In case of chronic diseases of the kidneys, heart and problems of the vascular system, you are already at risk of developing edema.

  • If the heart does not cope with the additional load during pregnancy and the blood does not flow well to distant parts of the body, then swelling of the arms and legs is evident. In this case, charging or walking will be the best prevention, so you will help the main pump to establish blood supply,

  • In chronic kidney diseases, in addition to traditional bags under the eyes, hands often swell. In this case, you, together with a specialist, will choose the best nutrition and medications that will help to avoid the accumulation of fluid in the body,
  • The reason for the accumulation of fluids in the tissues of the hands may be a problem with the vessels. If their walls are damaged, water enters the intercellular space, which visually looks like swelling of the skin tissue.

Pathological swelling of the hands

Constant swelling of the hands during pregnancy, which appeared in the later stages, deserves special attention, since they can signal the development of gestosis. Read the current article Gestosis during pregnancy >>>.

In this case, an additional examination is necessary, namely: a blood test for hemoglobin, a urine test for protein, and blood pressure control. Read the related article: What tests are given during pregnancy? >>>.

If there is an increase in hemoglobin, with the protein detected and the pressure is higher than normal, we can talk about the diagnosis of gestosis. The disease is dangerous, both for you and for your child, requires compulsory treatment.

Hand swelling treatment and prevention

In case of swelling of the hands, as a result of chronic diseases, during pregnancy, you will visit, in addition to the gynecologist, a profile doctor who will keep the situation under control and, in case of deviations from the norm, will prescribe the optimal treatment. In any case, the prevention of puffiness will be in place.

  1. Every day, take time for outdoor walks,
  2. During the day, do physical exercises for fingers and hands,
  3. Drink at least 2 liters of liquid. It is necessary to abandon carbonated and sugary drinks, store juices. At your disposal: pure water, fruit drinks, fresh juices, unsweetened green tea, home-made juices, first courses,
  4. Control the amount of fluid consumed and released,
  5. Healthy, nutritious food without preservatives, dyes and E-shek. In your diet should be enough protein and calcium, vitamins B, E, A.
  6. In order not to worry about whether you are eating right and whether the baby has enough necessary components, refer to the book Secrets of proper nutrition for the expectant mother >>>.
  • As a prevention of hand swelling, especially for problems with fluid secretion, herbal teas, for example, from flax seeds or bear ears, are suitable (read the related article: Herbal tea during pregnancy >>>),
  • If there are problems with the vessels, medications to strengthen them or a complex of vitamins are prescribed. The heart and blood vessels need magnesium, potassium, iron, B vitamins,
  • Please note that with swelling of the hands, you can not reduce the amount of fluid you drink, but you must establish the cause of the deviation and eliminate it.

If the cause of swelling of the hands during pregnancy is preeclampsia, what to do and how to treat it will be decided solely by the doctor.

What you need to control

When the fingers swell during pregnancy - this is perhaps the first signal about the danger of developing gestosis.

  1. You must keep under control your weight, which, during the period of gestation, increases gradually and regularly,
  • If there is a jump in weight, without external edema, then there is latent puffiness, no less dangerous than gestosis,
  • Identify hidden edema will help the sample with saline, which is injected under the skin. A blister should form at the injection site, which normally resolves in half an hour. A longer time indicates covered edema and their stage.
  1. Further, you observe exactly when puffiness appeared and what provoked it. If the reason is harmful foods and a large amount of drunk fluid, fatigue or being in an uncomfortable position, then most likely we are talking about temporary swelling. It is situational in nature and quickly passes,
  2. Once a month, and twice in the third trimester, you will be tested for urine and blood, which will indicate the first manifestations of pathologies, if any,
  3. It is necessary to control blood pressure, the increase of which must be notified to the doctor,
  4. Observe that only your limbs swell, or fluid accumulation is observed in other parts of the body. If the swelling has passed to the upper leg, thigh, lower abdomen, there is a danger of developing pathological diseases.

Be attentive to your body during this important period and everything will be fine with you!