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Caution! The 3 most skilled Zodiac manipulators


- Why do you need to go to your sister? You went last week.

“She was never released from the hospital.”

- I repeat: you already went to her.

Or a milder version - from personal experience: “Well, why do you need to go to a graduate meeting when I and I will be sad at home?” And it does!

The time you spend without it is equated with mortal sin. If you still go - it doesn’t matter to friends or relatives, then, returning home, you find him in a bad mood and listen to stinging comments all evening.

This is very unexpected at first, and you are sincerely trying to cheer him up. In fact, your absence for the manipulator means a loss of attention, which should be entirely directed at his person, and a loss of control over you.

Projection ability is another hallmark of a narcissistic personality. If the daffodil and manipulator suddenly starts to suspect you of treason for no reason or reacts strangely to the calls of your colleagues, it is very likely that this is the case.

2. It conveys reviews about you - and they are not always real

Gradually, some “everyone” begins to take part in your conversations: “Everyone says that you looked at me strangely yesterday”, “Everyone knows that I used to be a funny guy.” Be sure, this unknown character has fixed for a long time.

It doesn’t even occur to us to check whether this “collective mind” really told us anything?

Meanwhile, new characters appear: his classmates who see how he changed after meeting you, his colleague who says that she would be happy if she had such a husband ... Even your friends sometimes add something to this chorus (in his retelling).

The manipulator’s favorite phrase is “It's all because of you.” It is not necessarily pronounced, but implied

Keep in mind that in reality these people could say nothing at all. When you ask your common acquaintance directly, it may well turn out that it is so. If you say this to your home manipulator, you will get a wonderful answer: “Of course, no one will recognize. Why did you even ask them? What a stupid thing. "

3. The rules are designed to be respected. you

He has changed, and you must forgive him. If you did not spend so much time on the child, he would not feel lonely and would not look for warmth and sympathy. He has needs, and you neglected them.

If you rush to satisfy these needs, it turns out that they are bottomless and have no specific boundaries: he needs all of you. Whatever you do, it is assumed that you have done little. Your needs will never be discussed. If you happen to smile or joke with someone, be prepared for harsh inquiries about your betrayal.

4. He will compete with you

You discover an amazing thing, but like any healthy person, at first you simply refuse to draw parallels between what is happening. For example, you sing well - and he suddenly interrupts you at parties and starts singing himself. You are sick and want to lie down, but by the evening he also gets sick and asks to cook him a warm broth and bring grapes.

The truth is that you cannot be any better (more) than your companion. You started telling something to your friends, and he says: “Not so, let me tell you?” Here is the first bell.

And no jokes about his appearance! Passing by the mirror, the daffodil is convinced only that he is beautiful. If he slipped and you laughed (well, we all come from childhood!), For a moment you will catch on him a frankly evil look and realize that you made a mistake again.

Scorpio: insidious strategists

Scorpio rightfully gets the palm in the ranking of the most dexterous manipulators. This sign is represented by a small sneaky creature whose sting is fraught with deadly poison. This is the power that the Scorpions possess.

They seek power, but are secretive by nature, studying the situation and hiding their true intentions. They perfectly notice all your weaknesses, tell you what you want to hear, and remember everything that you tell them to use this information on occasion.

Do not forget that scorpions see perfectly in the dark. They pick up important details that others are even afraid to look at. This ability allows them to quietly bypass the rest. Thus, they not only want to gain control, but also protect their interests and those of their loved ones.

If you are in a good relationship with Scorpio, you are lucky, but if you did not get along, you better just make amends, otherwise the consequences will be most devastating.

Cancer: touchy cuties

Cancers seem kind and innocent, but only at first glance. Despite their tenderness and care, these are some of the most skilled manipulators in the horoscope.

Cancer's ability to manipulate is the result of their deep, unexplored emotions. These waters are not always calm, there can be a storm and thunder and all-consuming feelings.

Cancer feels lost when it does not receive confirmation that he is loved, and tries to manipulate others until it finds what it wants.

Since crayfish are rarely straightforward in their intentions, they often pout and have plans in their heads that others are unaware of.

Crayfish do not trust most people, they perfectly recognize lies and use manipulation as a favorite method of controlling emotions. Such a duality of feelings and doubts about the love of others are the cause of great stress in their lives.

Know that Cancer is manipulating with one goal - to keep loved ones for as long as possible. This is the most loving sign of the Zodiac, and the thought that he can lose a loved one will make him go to any lengths.

Gemini: Charming Sorcerers

The twins are composed of legends. This is the person whom you can never read like a book, and whose behavior you cannot predict.

They are able to try on any mask on themselves, adapt to any conditions, rub themselves into trust in anyone and can transform into the desired image.

They are also very clever at owning words, entangling you with beautiful phrases that may be far from reality. And you believe them. They can sell you hot tea in the 40 degree desert heat.

In fact, Gemini’s intentions are rarely bad, they just manipulate others to have fun. As a rule, all this is done as a joke and is not dangerous to others. They want to leave their mark on the world, even if it is not always a worthy mark.

The twins just want to live every moment in this life and get to know people who are not at all like them.

5. He loves to complain and seek sympathy.

His sister once completely forgot to come to his birthday. Colleagues refused to replace him when they needed to leave. In general, some idiots surround him.

Over time, it turns out that the sister at that moment was lying with the flu, and at work, colleagues had long exhausted the limit of patience after he let them down several times. Of course, it is impossible to live in doubt of everything, but the frequent complaints and the manner of the unrecognized genius should alert you.

6. He wants to "improve" you

The manipulator’s favorite phrase is “It's all because of you.” It is not necessarily pronounced, but is implied very often. For example: he forgot the keys because you did not remind. He left for the weekend because he was bored.

As soon as the honeymoon (or year) ends, as it happens for all couples, emotions and enthusiasm are replaced by another, more relaxed phase of the relationship. Everyone goes through the grinding phase, and here - attention! - the manipulator begins to slowly look for ways to "improve" you. Do not miss this moment, especially if you already have low self-esteem. It starts with harmless comments - “Oh, what a funny hat”, or “What is that speck on your face?”.

Gradually, you develop your own style and style of dressing with an eye on your companion. And you get his verdict: "Nda-ah ..."

7. All his ex are monsters

Two favorite topics of the daffodil and the hidden manipulator: all of his ex were monsters and everything that happened was their fault. He is very suffering. But he can handle it. If you ask how this happened, a detailed story will follow, by the end of which you will want to take this kitten in your arms and protect it from this cruel world.

8. He loves to punish in silence

In any healthy relationship, everyone needs time to be alone. An introvert is simply vital, an extrovert can take a short time out to think something over or “cool down” after hours of fun. A few minutes pass, and again you are ready to see each other and communicate, as if nothing had happened. This happens spontaneously, and the partner himself will say that he wants to be alone for a while.

We think we have found love, and joyfully prepare to understand, forgive and support

Not so with the manipulator. He pauses suddenly and for a long time and will never say why. You must guess for yourself and beg forgiveness. Although you did not commit any visible misconduct and most likely did something that made him feel lower than you. Such proud silence is just one way to control you.

9. He himself is a courtesy, and ... nothing more

- Please help my son with math, I'll be back late today.

(In the evening everyone meets you in a good mood, but the lessons have not been done.)

Pay attention to what your partner says - and what he does. Manipulators are often very charming and at the stage of dating and “seduction” surround you with royal care. This period, unfortunately, is short-lived. It does not matter for what reason it ended - he became bored, he received everything that he planned from you, he had new interests.

The manipulator will not rudely refuse you, but doing something for you will not be in a hurry either. This is repeated dozens of times, and this does not bother him at all.

10. Disobedience will be punished

Every time you break his rules, you will be sure to be informed about this. The wounded ego of the narcissistic personality is very painful, and he will let you feel this pain in full. At first it will be emotional abuse. Which will surely be followed by reconciliation. But the general pattern is that every new blow will be stronger. In fact, this begins the transition from normal healthy relationships to relationships based on violence. From emotional to verbal violence. From him to the physical.

You ask, how can you not notice such obvious things? It is possible, and this happens all the time.

We think that we have found love, and joyfully prepare to understand, forgive and support in grief and joy. The manipulator, however, receives at his disposal a human specimen that must be unobtrusively trained to be as it should be.

Try to pay attention to all these signs, which indicate a narcissistic personality, prone to manipulation, even at the stage of dating. After all, all that matters in the long run is your emotional health.